Author: smalbinder

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

1. The author of the book is  Stephen R. Covey.

The 7 habits are as following :

Be proactive

Begin with the end in mind

Put first things first

Think win-win

Seek first to understand, then to be understood


Sharpen the saw


2. Habits that I feel aligned with myself –


Begin with the end in mind – Every time I start doing something, I always think about the consequences. This helps me make better decisions based on understanding.

Think win-win – I tend to give a lot of thought to everything. I am usually very careful making my decisions.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood – I always like to learn more and more. So i listen very carefully to what is being said. Then I find it easy to make myself understood.

3. At college I always listen to the teachers very carefully so that I can understand everything that is being said. Only after listening I ask the questions I have. This is the best way of understand and being understood.





Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

5 Social Media tools that everyone in social media should be using today..

1. Kuhcoon Ads – It is a tool that allows you to create and manage your ads. Although there are many other tools in the market capable of doing so, the key point is that one can operate it through an Ios mobile device. So one does not have to drag his/her laptop everywhere and hence it saves time.

2. Topsy – This tolls allows the user to search for multiple keywords over a specific range of time. It also provide notifications from twitter and so it is very easy to respond as required.

3. Socialbakers – This site is really useful in comparing social profiles with other users. This allows the user to optimize the content and help deliver better results. It allows the user to benchmark his performance vs the other competitors in the market. This helps in determining the weaknesses and strengths and hence allow making necessary changes.

4. TweetDeck – This is a really useful tools in social media. It allows the user to search for keywords and hence sort out the useful tweets from other users. This is a very good tool in order to reach out to the customers who are interested your services and promoting the business. Other uses of this tool include scheduling content for different dates and times.

5. Buffer – It is a really fast and efficient and reliable tool for posting updates on different social networks or same update on all of them at the same time. Using this tools, one can also plan in future about when his posts go out.

6. Mention – This tool is highly effective in monitoring web channels and social channels as well. This allows the user to pick certain conversations they are interested in and respond quickly. In this way the user can easily jump into conversations of his interest and share his point of in a very short time.

7. Feedy – This is a tools used to view all the blogs that one follows at once. It is very efficient in engaging in various conversations and interact with various communities.